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Welcome to Shores NZ Fabrication, your one-stop destination for all your roll cage needs. Here, you will find our range of roll cage and exhaust options tailored to suit your requirements, whether you're a professional racer or an off-road enthusiast.

We are committed to providing top-quality products prioritising safety and durability—Trust Shores NZ Fabrication for superior quality, exceptional customer service, and a seamless booking experience.

Are you a speed enthusiast looking to take your racing game to the next level?

A roll cage is an essential upgrade for your vehicle, providing added safety and enhancing overall performance. 

Roll cages are crucial for motorsports, offering accident protection and enhancing vehicle rigidity and handling. Choose from bolt-in cages for flexibility or weld-in cages for maximum strength. When selecting a roll cage, consider factors like safety standards, fitment, materials, and racing goals.
Shores NZ Fabrication offers top-quality and reliable roll cages tailored to individual car models, ensuring maximum safety and performance. With our custom roll cages, you can enjoy rigorous racing conditions with peace of mind. Trust us for all your roll cage needs and safely unleash your need for speed.

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