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Introducing the top-of-the-line racing seat OMP HTE 400, expertly crafted from a durable gel-coated fibreglass shell. Featuring large shoulder harness slots to accommodate drivers of all heights and medium-height side bolsters for ultimate lateral leg support. For added comfort, the back, base, and leg cushions are fully removable.


Upholstered in high-breathability AIRTEX material, this seat is stylish and functional. And, for the ultimate customization experience, we offer custom upholstery upon request.


But, that's not all - our seat is also HANS and HSC PATENT (HC/893) compatible, making it the perfect choice for all your racing needs. And, with its compact design, it's especially suited for cars with limited head space.


Upgrade your racing experience with the top-of-the-line seat OMP HTE 400 today!


COLORS - Black (HA/780E/N)
SHELL - Fibreglass
FIXING - W side
WEIGHT - 10,2
HANS - compatible

OMP Seat HTE 400

GST Included
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